bodycombat-56 Hier ist die neue BodyCombat 56 Trackliste. Ab dem 3. Juni 2013 geht’s los.

Bodycombat 56

1a. I cry (basslouder remix edit) – high rolla
1b. Don’t wake me up (basslouder remix edit) – High rolla
2. Welcome to the jungle – Emperor Platoon
3. Hymn (clubstar mix) – Tina Cousins
4. Hello (radio edit) – Scooter
5. Stamp on the ground (breeze remix) – italo brothers
6. Still getting it – Foreign beggars feat. skrillex
7. Raise the flag – Airbourne
8a. Silence (Darwin remix) – Filthy Louca
8b. Welcome to the jungle – Emperor Platoon
9. Shawty got moves – Get Cool
10. Hall of fame – Born Rush vs Mr Ticket (Verlinkung folgt)

Angaben ohne Gewähr :-D